Spurs and Liverpool are making huge gains so watch out Man Shitty

Tottenham and Liverpool are making big time waves in the EPL. So far through seven matches Spurs shocked Man Shitty with a 2-0 win. Tottenham is in second place with 17 points. Shitty is atop the leader board with 18 points.

Liverpool struggled to finish in the top ten last season however this season the Reds are tied with Arsenal 16 points however the Gunners are in third place with a plus nine while Liverpool is a plus eight.

The Reds are figuring out the demands Jürgen Klopp is placing on the guys. Liverpool is learning to play Klopp’s system and this is beginning to pay huge dividends for the guys.

It usually takes about a year for a team adjust to a new style of play. Once the guys figure it all out watch out Man Shitty and the rest of the league for Liverpool just may get their first league crown since 1990.

Man U is doing okay. Jose Mourinho has the Red Devils playing better. However giving up a late goal to the Potters at their house in Stoke City this past weekend could come back and bite the guys in the provable ass.

We will see?

Man Shitty looked invincible until Shitty ran into a buzz saw Spurs at White Hart Lane. Tottenham tore Shitty a new one. Spurs could well be the Leicester City that won the title last year.

There is a ton of matches left in the season however Spurs are playing very well.

Arsenal is quietly making moves on the outside rail. The Gunners are in third place with 16 points. Arsène Wenger has the guys making progress every week. Arsenal’s dismantling of Chelsea a few weeks ago was a masterpiece directed Arsène Wenger.

Arsenal will be a club that can win the title so Man Shitty be on guard for the guys are for real.

Only five points separate top dog Shitty and seventh place Chelsea so this means the rest of the season will be a dog between the Blues, Shitty, Man U, Arsenal, Spurs, Liverpool and yes Martha Everton.


  1. tophatal ........... · October 8, 2016

    Welcome back ! Well, the Premiership is now up and running and that’s good for the game .


    • Bobby Gee · October 9, 2016

      It is good to be back. Spurs and the Reds are for real. Mourinho will get Man U back on track. Arsenal has a good shot to win it all. Send me your blog.


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