Mengao Nation is on the move


I do have a Brasileiros heart beating inside of me. This part of who I am as well the Jewish heart and the DNA given to me by my Father HaShem. My guys from Flamengo have struggled mightily for the past five years or so.

Boo Mengao have hung out near the voce vai zone. Many times the guys were close to extinction however this year Mengao is in second place 54 points. The guys trail first place Palmerias by three points. Verdao has 57 points. Rubro Negro has 54 points. Mengao has 16 wins Palmerias has 17 W’s thus the three points degree of separation

Verdao was another cub that struggled through hard times being sent three times in the last ten years. Boo Mengao has never been sent packing to the second division.

Will share more as the futebol season winds down in Brasil. Futebol runs from May through the first week of December. The start of fall through the first week of summer.

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