The Guys are Back at Today


The guys are back at it later today. Man Shitty is at the head of the class on goal difference. My Gunners, Man Shitty, and Liverpool each have 20 points. First place Shitty has a plus eleven. Arsenal is a plus ten good for second place while the Reds are a plus nine third place.

Chelsea and Spurs each have 19 points. The Blues are fourth with a plus ten. Fifth place belongs to Tottenham a plus nine.

Everton is sixth 15 points.

Man U is seventh with 14 points.

Later today Sunderland-Arsenal, Man U-Burnley, Middlesbrough-Bournemouth, Tottenham-Leicester City, Watford-Hull City, West Brom-Man Shitty, Crystal Palace- Liverpool.

Sunday has on tap Everton-West Ham and Southampton- Chelsea.

Monday sees Stoke City-Swansea City.

Man Shitty has not won since September 24th.

The two clubs on a roll are Arsenal and Liverpool. My Gunners have four wins in their last five matches. Tambem for the Reds.

Spurs have won three and have tied their last two matches. These two tis have cost Spurs big time. This means Tottenham has drop four points and these ties have kept Tottenham out of first place.

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