Arsenal wins 4-1 Over Sunderland

My guys from Arsenal kicked ass and took names in a good old fashioned 4-1 butt whipping over Sunderland at the Black Cats house Stadium of Light. The twin daily double by Alexis Sanchez 19th and 78th minutes and Olivier Giroud 71st and 76th minute spelled doom for the Black Cats.

The win give the guys 23 points with a plus thirteen.

This is a huge win for us.

Sunderland tied it up one all when Jermain Defoe nailed the PK in the 68th minute. Then all hell broke loose when my Gunners scored three goals in a seven minute span to put this puppy to bed for good.

The Black Cats have not won a single match this season.

Man Shitty took apart West Brom 4-0 o move to the head of the class on goal difference.

This is Man Shitty’s first win since September 24th and their first win in their last seven matches and this includes all competition.

Man U and Burnley tied nil-nil. The tie puts another nail in the leaking ship of the Red Devils.

The tie drops Man U to eighth place with 15 points.

Watford moves ahead of the Red Devils into seventh place with 15 points tambem. Both Man U and Watford each are a plus one however the Hornets have scored 14 goals compared with the Red Devils 13.

Tottenham and Leicester City tied one all.

Watford defeated Hull City 1-0.

Liverpool picked up a had fought 4-2 win over Crystal Palace The Reds are level on points with Man Shitty and Arsenal at 23 points each however Liverpool is only a plus nine good enough for third place behind first place Shitty a plus fifteen and second place Gunners at plus eleven.

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