De Futebol


The headline match for next Saturday November 19 is Arsenal-Man U at Old Trafford. My Gunners need to win this sucker. So do the Red Devils therefore this will be a flat our war.

Arsenal is in fourth place with 24 points. Man U sits in sixth place with 18 points.

The Red Devils can’t afford to fall further off the pace. As it stands right now Man U is eight points behind league leader Liverpool.

Crystal Palace-Man Shitty, Everton-Swansea City, Southampton-Liverpool, Stoke City-Bournemouth, Sunderland-Hull City, Watford-Leicester City, Tottenham-West Ham round out the rest of next Saturday’s action.

Liverpool is the main man with 26 points. Second place sits Chelsea with 25 points. Third place sits Man Shitty with 24 points. Arsenal is fourth 24 points. Spurs are fifth 21 points. Man U is sixth qith 18 points.