De Futebol


Liverpool picked up a hard fought 1-0 win over Everton. The match winner came late in the match when Sadio Mane struck for gold in the 90th minute plus four to lift the Reds into second place with 37 points.

EPL match summary: “Sadio Mane struck a stoppage-time goal to claim victory for Liverpool in the Merseyside derby.


In a frenetic first half at Goodison Park, dominated by an industrious home side, Ramires Funes Mori had the best chance, steering a free header wide from an Everton corner.


After the break Liverpool were in the ascendancy, with Roberto Firmino denied when through on goal by Maarten Stekelenburg, who later went off injured.

Funes Mori had another headed chance but directed it straight at Simon Mignolet, while Stekelenburg’s replacement, Joel Robles, saved well from Firmino’s volley.

The winner came in the fourth minute of added time when Mane reacted fastest to Daniel Sturridge’s shot hitting a post.


The result moves Liverpool to second, six points behind Chelsea. Everton are ninth.”


Chelsea sits in the catbird seat with 43 points. Liverpool is second with 37 and Man Shitty is third with 36. My Gunners are fourth with 34 and Tottenham is fifth with 33 points. Manchester United is sixth with 30 points.


23 thoughts on “De Futebol

      1. the guys had some set backs. Yet they are now playing better. Man U hasn’t lost since the 4-0 Chelsea butt kicking.


      2. No- He has been blessed with clubs that have bucks. His downfall is that he never built a club from the ground up like Sir Alex and Arsène Wenger


      3. That is what I believe to be the true testament of being a great manager in the Premiership ! Until Mourinho shows me, he is capable of that , I will just consider him to be a manager in the right place , at the right time . Not unlike Jon Gruden who took the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to the Superbowl .


      4. It does take time and a great deal of patience . Some of the bigger clubs tend not to have this because their financial commitment is built upon chasing the success and more often than not making money. Simply look at Real Madrid and Manchester United . They’re among the most successful clubs in Europe and among the most profitable, but between these two clubs they have in excess of $4.5 billion of debt That is a staggering figure to say the very least and it’s easy to understand why UEFA wanted to change their regulations concerning the finances of all European sides competing in their competitions. Here’s the asinine part of this all, both United , Real Madrid and Barca have been given passes for another year (by 2018) to get their finances in order. Hardly fair to the other teams competing at the European or domestic level in the respective countries.


      5. They do have bucks. Sir Alex and Sir Bobby build clubs from the ground up. Money is important but not the sole focus.


      6. True enough , but look that the idiocy now taking place in terms of the astronomical transfer fees , never mind the salaries now being paid. There are perhaps only three players in the world of soccer actually worth the money paid or possible target price of $100 million . To my mind they are Gareth Bale (phenomenal player) , Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Everyone else just happens to be several layers below the three in terms of talent and leadership ability .

        Highest paid athletes in the world . In the world of soccer .


      7. This is true. Yet fools will pay players his amounts. They are stupid to pay these yet in the end this will come crashing down


      8. It all starts with the major hierarchies of soccer within the game. Until they start to rein the madness , then the escalating salaries and continued debt of the teams will continue to exacerbate relentlessly .


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