De Futebol


After the mid- week matches the guys are back at it later today. Chelsea-Arsenal is the match of the weekend. This ball buster will take place at Stamford Bridge later today. The battle for London will rage on. The Blues are in the catbird seat with 56 points. My guys from Arsenal are looking for big “W” after stubbing out toes against Watford this past Wednesday.

We are parked in third place with 47 points.

Spurs are second 47 points. Tottenham is a plus 29. My Gunners are a plus 26.

Liverpool is fourth 46 points a plus 24.

Man Shitty is fifth 46 points a plus 19.

Man U is sixth 42 points a plus 12.

This is a must win for Gunner nation if want to stay in the top three let alone win the whole enchilada.

The rest of the schedule looks like this: Everton-Bournemouth, Hull City-Liverpool, Southampton-West Ham, Watford-Burnley, West Brom-Stoke City, and Tottenham- Middlesbrough.

Tomorrows matches shape up this way: Man Shitty-Swansea City and Leicester City- Man U.

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