De Futebol


Man U picked a much needed 3-0 win over the Foxes. This keeps the Red Devils in the hunt for a top four finish.

The win puts the guys only one point behind fifth place Liverpool. The Reds have 46 points. Man U has 45 points.


Man Shitty needed a late goal to beat Swansea City 2-1. Shitty jumps into third place with 49 points.


EPL Match Summary:” Manchester United extended their unbeaten run in the Premier League to 15 matches thanks to a convincing victory over champions Leicester City at the King Power Stadium.


The two sides were evenly matched in the opening exchanges but United started to gain control and after Marcus Rashford’s shot was well saved by Kasper Schmeichel at the near post, they took the lead with a fine breakaway goal from Henrikh Mkhitaryan on 42 minutes.

The visitors doubled their lead two minutes later when Zlatan Ibrahimovic swept the ball home to become the oldest player to reach 15 goals in a Premier League season.


And United’s victory was sealed four minutes after the break through Juan Mata, who finished after a smart passing move.

United remain in sixth but are now one point behind fifth-placed Liverpool while Leicester, after their fourth straight league defeat, are in 16th and now only one point off the relegation zone.”       


19 thoughts on “De Futebol

    1. Yes it was Chelsea is proving they are the class of the league. Liverpool sucks big time. Man Shitty is Man Shitty. The Blues have destroyed Man U, Man Shitty and Arsenal. Chelsea’s only lopsided loss in the top six is to Tottenham. Let the fun begin. I was rooting for NE. I kept telling my wife when it 28-3 Atlanta. The games not over the Pats will win they did. Stick it to Roger in a big way


      1. Yes the Blues will. The EPL is not a sprint but a marathon. Steady eddy is the way. Consistency is the key so far the blues. Funny story I was getting some food at Walmart Super center. I was wearing my Arsenal cap and sweatshirt hoddie. A man walks past me and says” Arsenal ey?. I said yes. Are from England?” I am from Liverpool.” I said; You guys had a bad week..” Then he replied” Only three teams have curse words in them.”


      2. True friendship , love of family provides sustenance and happiness. A job is there to provide for one’s well-being (financially) .

        I see that the Philadelphia Sixers are intent on imploding their season by trading away their best player (Jahlil Okafor) . Team owner Joshua Harris has been blowing smoke up everyone’s rear end since he bought the franchise. Harris has spent more money buying non-core assets as a cash-flow item for the Philadelphia 76ers rather than seeking to improve the team


      3. I don’t what to say to that. If the product is bad you can’t put butts in the seats and thus bucks are lost. This is his choice. No matter dumb it appears. He is digging his own grave as well as the teams.


      4. Joshua Harris may well be digging his own grave , much to the anger of all Sixers’ fans , but to my mind when you hire basketball executives with the acumen of the father and son team of Jerry and Bryan Colangelo and then come up with abandoning the season, while the NBA hierarchy looks on and does nothing , it shows that they simply don’t care one iota about what the fans think. Current NBA Commissioner Adam Silver is no different to his predecessor David Stern . Money to both , is far more important than the quality and competitive product being placed on a basketball court .


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