De Futebol

It is all over but the shouting.

Arsenal tore apart Everton 3-1.

The guys needed Liverpool to lose or tie.

This did not happen. Liverpool blew the doors off  of Middlesbrough 3-0 to secure the Reds spot in the Champions League.

Man Shitty blew out Watford 5-0.

Chelsea had a blowout city win against Sunderland 7-0.

Spurs murdered Hull City 71.

Man U shut out Crystal Palace 2-0.

West Ham defeated Burnley 2-1.

Leicester City and Bournemouth tied one all.

Stoke City defeated Southampton 1-0.

Swansea City doubled up on West Brom 2-1.

Chelsea is the champs with 93 points.

Spurs are second with 86.

Shitty is third with 78.

Liverpool is fourth with 76.

Arsenal is fifth with 75 and Man U is sixth with 69 points.

My Gunners will miss out on the Champions League for the first time since 1997.  This is the guys worst finish since 1997.

EPL Match Report on the Arsenal win. “Arsenal missed out on a fourth-place finish for the first time in 21 seasons despite overcoming Everton 3-1 with 10 men.

The Gunners knew they had to achieve a better result than Liverpool in order to qualify for the UEFA Champions League and they got off to the perfect start when Hector Bellerin gave them the lead after eight minutes.

Alexis Sanchez made it 2-0 on 27 minutes despite the dismissal of Laurent Koscielny for a foul on Idrissa Gana Gueye; a straight red card that will rule him out of the FA Cup final against Chelsea.

Everton pulled one back through Romelu Lukaku’s 25th goal of the season with a penalty awarded for a handball by Nacho Monreal.

Aaron Ramsey curled in a superb goal to make it 3-1 but wins for both Liverpool and Manchester City means Arsenal have to settle for fifth, two places above Everton.”

23 thoughts on “De Futebol

  1. Raiders fans , much like fans in Los Angeles and New York are obnoxious moronic @ssholes without a goddamn clue . They continue to live in the past and it’s the same with the owners in all of the professional team sports in those cities .

    Look at the present mess with the New York Knicks and the continued idiocy shown by Phil Jackson. During this off-season he and owner James L Dolan will have created a chasm , where the team’s two best players Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis will likely leave. Porzingis rather than attend the Knicks’ end of season press conference, left for his native Latvia to prepare for the European Championships and he wasn’t too complimentary about Jackson , the coaching staff or the Knicks’ organization at all. He wants out , sooner , rather than later .


      1. Fans in San Francisco are blaming Colin Kaepernick for the Niners’ problems . They should be directing their anger at the owners . Mark Davis and his father Al Davis have been screwing over the Raiders’ fans for the better part of two decades and during that time Commissioners Paul Tagliabue and Roger Goodell have allowed that to happen. I will continue to maintain the fans of the NFL are nowhere as intelligent as they believe themselves to be .


      2. The NFL has never blamed anyone itself for the missteps taken and as a league they have always apportion blame elsewhere . It’s just like the political climate of Conservatives and Liberals blaming each other , when both are equally culpable and as dumb as the other . MLB ,the NBA and NHL are also the same, as too are the entire hierarchy of the Premiership (EPL)


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