De Futebol

Boca Juniors won their 32nd league title. The Daily Mail:” Boca Juniors sealed the 32nd Argentine title of their illustrious history amid a spectacular display of colour and light at La Bombonera on Sunday evening.

Few places in world football carry a reputation for such passionate fans and the Boca faithful did not disappoint as they lit flares and unfurled huge banners to celebrate their team lifting the Primera Division trophy.

Players donned hats, lit their own yellow and blue flares and climbed the fences around the stadium to make sure the spectators got as close as possible. It created the spectacle one has come to expect from South American football.

🎥 El sitio oficial estuvo en el vestuario y registró todos los festejos de los jugadores como nadie te los mostró. #OtraEstrellaBoca

— 🏆 Boca Jrs. Oficial (@BocaJrsOficial) June 26, 2017

Boca already knew they had won the title going into Sunday’s game against Union Santa Fe after closest challengers Banfield lost 1-0 at San Lorenzo last week to give them an unassailable lead.

That had sparked mass celebrations on the streets of Argentina’s capital but it appears the fans saved the very best for their final fixture.

Boca players did their best to give the fans something else to cheer about, endeavouring to beat the struggling Union despite having already achieved their ultimate goal.

The 2-1 win, sealed by a brace from Dario Benedetto, was a scrappy affair, but few will remember the game itself with the title celebrations very much the main event of the evening.

Boca finished the season seven points clear of their arch-rivals River Plate, who themselves find their record of 36 league titles coming under threat. Indeed, Boca have won two of the last three national titles and are now just four behind on 32.

Head coach Guillermo Barros Schelotto was keen to thank their fans for inspiring his players towards the championship in what was his first season in charge.

He told TYC Sport: ‘The fans were always on our side and it is a joy to give them the championship.’


  1. tophatal ........... · July 20, 2017

    Boca Juniors one of the great club sides in world soccer .


    • Bobby Gee · July 20, 2017

      Yes Boca is . Their greatest rival is River Plate Los Millionarios has won I think 37 titles.


      • tophatal ........... · July 20, 2017

        So few of these real rivalries in club soccer globally .


      • Bobby Gee · July 20, 2017

        It is one of the greatest. The followers are nits and very violent.


      • tophatal ........... · July 20, 2017

        The lunatics have always been about bringing down the reputation of the ‘beautiful game ‘


      • Bobby Gee · July 20, 2017

        They sure do. i began following Argentinos Futebol in 1998


      • tophatal ........... · July 21, 2017

        FIFA has been doing some good things concerning the popularity of the game , but the allegations of corruption which surrounded former FIFA President Josef ‘ Sepp’ Blatter tarnished the reputation and it has yet to recover from it all .


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