De Futebol-Argentina in danger of not making the 2018 World Cup

Argentina and Peru tied nil-nil.

The Daily Mail:” Argentina and Lionel Messi are on the verge of missing the World Cup for the first time since 1970, stumbling to a 0-0 draw against Peru before a capacity crowd in Buenos Aires.

Only one round of qualifying remains in South America.

Argentina, the runner-up to Germany in the World Cup three years ago in Brazil, plays on Tuesday against Ecuador in the thin air of Quito in the Andes.

The Argentines are in sixth place, with the top four teams advancing automatically. The fifth-place team can advance by winning a playoff against New Zealand.

Brazil has already qualified, and drew 0-0 against Bolivia on Thursday. Brazil has 38 points, followed by: Uruguay (28), Chile (26), Colombia (26), Peru (25), Argentina (25) and Paraguay (24).

Ecuador, Venezuela and Bolivia are eliminated.

It’s too close to call. But Uruguay is expected to get through the final round on Tuesday. After that, four teams are chasing the two automatic spots.

That will leave two teams trying to reach the playoff, which looks like Argentina’s only route. It must win at 9,350 feet in Quito and get some help.

Argentine will require all the luck they can get after a disappointing night in front of their home supporters.

Their players, led by Messi, all trudged off the pitch at full-time. Every single of them appeared disappointed with the outcome and know their destiny is now out of their hands heading into next week and the crucial match against Ecuador.

It is a game they really must win if they are to stand any realistic chance of qualifying for next summer’s World Cup.


  1. tophatal ........... · October 9, 2017

    Bring back Maradona . LOL ,LOL ,LOL !!!!!


    • Bobby Gee · October 9, 2017

      Not in this life time


  2. tophatal ........... · October 9, 2017

    Well Egypt has qualified , Team USA is on the brink of qualifiying and Argentina ? Well , let’s just say if they fail, then all hell will break loose within the Argentine FA and with good reason .


    • Bobby Gee · October 9, 2017

      The should. The team is not getting it done.


      • tophatal ........... · October 9, 2017

        There will be serious repercussions within the Argentinian FA .


      • Bobby Gee · October 9, 2017

        I agree. a once proud futebol program is now in shambles


      • tophatal ........... · October 9, 2017

        It’s all dead carcasses now in terms of Argentina’s international side. The English national side also continues to be very much overrated with their being very little depth of talent.


      • Bobby Gee · October 9, 2017

        I know. This is very sad. Brasil i hope can turn it around. Holland didn’t make it to the 2018 World Cup


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