De Futebol The EPL is too Chicken to play the up and coming stars of England

Arsène Wenger admits to the Daily Mail the EPL does not help promising young talent excel due to the demands of the Premier League.

Arsene Wenger believes that every Premier League club fails promising English talent due to the demands of the top flight.

The past few months have been euphoric for England – with the nation winning various international tournaments at differing age groups.

The Young Lions are World Cup winners at Under 17 and Under-20 level, while the Under-19 squad are European champions.

Despite their recent triumphs though, many rising talents of the English game find their progression into the first team blocked. Staggeringly only half of one per cent of boys who enter academies at the age of nine go on to make a living from the game. The Premier League are committed to investing in the region of £800million to youth development to change this alarming statistic.

Reflecting on why this is on BT Sport Films upcoming broadcast No Hunger in Paradise, Wenger admits that all 20 sides fail with integrating the talent because of the pressures involved with getting a result at the weekend.

‘There is huge English natural talent out there and the best way to prove that and to check that is if you look at the results of the young boys in England youth teams at international level,’ he said in the piece which will premiere during FA Cup third round weekend of January 5-8, 2018.

‘They start to win competitions, they start to exist in every big competition with the youth level. That means the talent is there. Now we go into process No 3, the integration.

‘I would say today, many, many, many clubs do well part one and part two – quality of education – there’s a lot work that has been done in England. We all fail in part three, integration into the first team.

‘Nobody has found a miraculous solution because the Premier League has become so demanding that the gap between youth and reserve level and the Premier League is so big that all the managers sit there and sweat on the Friday night and finally think – lets be conservative, we’ll see next week.’