De Futebol Man Shitty wins! So what else is new! Spurs win!

Man Shitty had little trouble with Watford 3-1 at Shitty’s house. Raheem Sterling first minute and Sergio Aguero 63rd minute led Man Shitty to the win.

Shitty’s lead over second placed Man U is 15 points.

Man Shitty has 62 points.

Man U has 47 points.

Chelsea is third with 45 points.

The Blues and my Gunners will duke it out Wednesday at Arsenal’s house Emirates.

Crystal Palace defeated Southampton 2-1.

The Eagles are in fourteenth place with 22 points.

Spurs shut out Swansea City 2-0.

Tottenham is fifth with 40 points.

West Ham defeated West Brom 2-1.

The win lifts Hammers out of the voce vai zone into sixteenth place with 21 points.

24 thoughts on “De Futebol Man Shitty wins! So what else is new! Spurs win!

      1. I agree This is year is blow out city for the title race. Shitty is head and shoulders above the pack fighting for second through fifth place


      2. If a defender is meant to be $100 million and that’s what Liverpool is meant to be spending for their latest acquisition, then imagine what a marginal forward/striker will go for on the open market. This stupidity has to stop because it will ultimately lead to the demise of a club. If the Premiership (EPL) is not to install a salary cap , then there
        will be some
        tough times ahead for the smaller clubs in spite of the revenues .


      3. Greed is the sole reason for this stance. Trust me I’d like to see the English Premiership League simply implode. The league hierarchy and Union don’t really give a damn about the fans who are the consumers off this product in general


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